Never Stop Learning

The American motivational speaker and author of self-help books Dennis Waitley once said, “Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” 

For real estate agents, this is an incredibly important lesson to learn.  Opening your mind to constantly acquiring new skills as your career progresses will be of great help to you in your role with CENTURY 21. 

 Adopting a learning attitude can be loosely defined as accepting a set of attitudes, values and practises which support and encourage a continuous process of learning.  Building or being a part of a learning culture may require a shift in the way you see both your level of expertise and role as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent. 

A willingness to absorb knowledge from different experiences and people around you and then implementing your newly discovered skills can ultimately help you to gain and sustain advantages in the competitive world of real estate.

It is thus also important for you as a real estate agent to find a real estate agency to work in that supports ongoing growth and recognises the benefits to staff of continuous learning.  Once employed, junior agents should try to identify a more experienced agent from whom they feel they could learn valuable skills.  It can also be helpful to all agents, whether new to the game or experienced, to take up offers of training, both internal and external. 

The benefits of committing to a willingness to never stop learning, and subsequently choosing an employer that supports this goal, are immense and can include:  
• Easy adaptation to, and anticipation of, change;
• Increased responsiveness to the marketplace;
• A superior performance as a real estate agent;
• An increased ability to reach your personal goals and thus improved career satisfaction;
• A better salary;
• Improved career flexibility;
• An increased contribution to your franchise’s bottom line; and
• An improved ability to tackle difficult tasks with ease and in a timely manner.   

As a real estate agent it is incredibly important to never stop embracing the learning process.  While you may already be professional and competent in what you do, the market is competitive and other agents will be doing all they can to improve their skills.  Stay ahead of the game and improve the satisfaction you derive from your career by continually striving to be better in your real estate role. 


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Tom wrote on 30/12/2010 10:18 PM

Great article ...

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Glenn Twiddle

Glenn Twiddle wrote on 04/02/2011 12:44 AM

I get asked so many times what the secret of success is, and it's summed up in Denis' quote above.

Lifelong learning is the one thing that will lead to everything else. Thanks for a great article.

Glenn Twiddle
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