Personal presentation is vital to success


As a real estate agent, the emphasis that you place on your own presentation should be on par with the care and effort that you take to fulfil your clients’ expectations. After all, if you can’t present yourself properly, how can you convince a client or prospect that you are capable of representing their property interests?

Two of the most important factors that play into personal presentation are body language and professional dress:

Body Language

Body language is important because it can, if used effectively, reflect your level of self-confidence, personal engagement and professional competency. One of the most fundamental aspects of body language is posture and, as such, it is important to stand tall and upright; this will help to create an image of self confidence and personal pride.

In addition, it is important that you position your body in a way that makes you seem approachable to clients and prospects. To this end, it is important to smile and display open body language; that is, you should avoid folding your arms, hunching over, putting your hands in pockets or looking down at the ground.  

It is also essential that you display signs of active listening to your clients and prospects. As such, you should always endeavour to maintain eye during interactions and conversations.  


The way you present yourself visually to others can have a considerable impact on how you are perceived as a professional.  Dressing in a clean, well-groomed and professional manner can mean the difference between securing a client and losing them to a competitor.  Whether explicitly or not, many people draw conclusions about other individuals based on their appearance.  

In light of such, it is advisable to disregard your personal style and steer towards dressing conservatively in the workplace. As well, you should always take the time to ensure that your clothing is in-tact, properly ironed and stain-free. 

The importance of personal presentation in the workplace may seem like a given – nevertheless, it is an aspect of personal branding that can often fall by the wayside, particularly for long-term agents that have “settled” into their roles and relationships with clients. It remains important –however, to present yourself professionally and appropriately no matter how seasoned an agent you may be.


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