Prepare for the summer real estate season

As professional real estate agents, historical experience has generally taught us that autumn and spring are usually the busiest seasons in terms of the buying and selling of real estate, with activity often somewhat quieter over summer, particularly during December and January. 


However, if the previous year in real estate has taught us anything, it is that the concept of seasonal activity can be turned upside down.  For example, in the traditionally busy spring selling season just passed, rather than seeing increased levels of activity as is usually expected, the season was instead, in many areas, a continuation of the relative slowdown in sales activity experienced across 2011. 


However, with the Reserve Bank’s decision in November and December to cut the official cash rate by 50 basis points, it could be the case that the 2011/2012 summer is uncharacteristically busy – with interest rate movements perhaps enough to entice those who have delayed their buying decision to make a real estate purchase. 


Professional real estate agents need to be aware of this potential increase in activity and adequately prepare to make the most of it.  This could mean delaying your holidays by a short while, or making sure you are ready to deal with the potential for an increased number of enquiries than you would usually get over this period. 


It may be worthwhile for you as an agent to educate your prospective clients that have expressed an interest in listing their property in the New Year.  By preparing these clients to have their properties ready to go early in January, they may be best positioned to capture the initial buyer interest that the New Year could bring. 


2012 looks like it could be set to be a busy year for residential real estate, and what better time for this activity to start than in January? To make the most of these potential business prospects, real estate agents should be prepared and ready to act.

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