Promoting Brand 'You' in Real Estate

The world of business is slowly changing, and the real estate industry seems to be going along with it.  While company brands are still king, the individual is rising.  In real estate, this can often mean that prospective sellers seek out a particular individual agent to sell their home, as opposed to walking into an agency they have seen and have heard good things about.

For individuals, the consequences of this shift mean that your employment with a well-known real estate brand may not be as sufficient as it has been in the past to gain you listings.  It will often be a combination of your company affiliation, along with your own personal attributes, that work effectively to increase your business and property sales. 

The time has come, therefore, to promote your own personal brand, alongside the real estate agency you work for.  The concept of an individual person as a brand is often misunderstood, usually due to the fact that most people associate the idea of a ‘brand’ with large companies, substantial marketing budgets, and the consistent use of the same colours and fonts on marketing collateral.

While these are important aspects of branding, the overarching concept of the exercise is to present a clear and consistent message to your market, allowing them easy brand identification and to understand that the quality offered through one company product will be same the company-wide. 

The same concept applies to individuals, with the idea being that your personal brand encompasses the high professional standards you consistently provide and for which you are known. 

In real estate, the idea that you can achieve and then leave your performance up to others to judge is no longer relevant.  If you can decide how you want to be seen, and then act that way yourself, others usually follow. 

How does this occur? It depends on the image you wish to portray.  In the case of a real estate agent, the notion of being an expert in residential property could be appropriate.  To this end, personal factors such as your promptness in replying to contact, your attentiveness to questions, and the way you portray your personal knowledge will contribute to the creation and maintenance of your ‘expert’ brand.  Even the way you dress and maintain yourself can have an impact. 

In real estate, your own biggest fan should always be yourself.  Your brand will allow others to identify your strengths in a second, and you should try to ensure that through your personal conduct it is upheld and protected.     


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