Proving to sellers that you are the best agent for their property

There is no doubt that real estate is a competitive industry.  In order to achieve success, it is important to be able to prove to your clients and prospective clients that you are the best agent available to sell their property.  Learning how to promote your skills to sellers is all about displaying a certain level of competence and confidence, giving you a competitive advantage above all other agents in the market. 

Genuinely promoting yourself as a real estate agent requires you to recognise the value in your services.  Smart vendors will select you because of your competence, not because of a low commission or empty promises to deliver a higher sale price. You need to convince potential clients that the quality of your work and commitment to their property is worth paying for.

Consider the following ways to help secure the business of prospective clients:

Be clear about your services
It is important to be very clear and upfront with prospective clients from the very beginning about exactly what services you will be providing.  This can help vendors to see that you will work hard to sell their property and that their experience with you will be all-encompassing. 

Explain that you will keep the client informed
It can be helpful to let your prospective client know the level of interaction they will be able to expect from you throughout the sales process.  Many sellers will wish to be involved in all aspects of decision making regarding the property and its promotion.  By advising your client that you will keep them constantly (or as desired) updated with any news on potential buyers and when advertisements are to appear in local newspapers or online, your client should realise that you are committed to keeping them in the know. 

Show evidence of previous success 
When trying to prove yourself as the best agent for the job, remember that services describe what the agent says they can do, whereas results prove they can actually do it.  Have previous sales achievements and customer testimonials on hand, especially ones that relate to the client’s property and location.   
Describe your plan for different scenarios
For various reasons, it is reality that not all properties are sold immediately, which is why it is important that you have a plan and communicate this at the very beginning of the sales process to your client.  Being upfront with your client and displaying your knowledge about the different scenarios that could occur, as well as your response to them, should give your client confidence in your level of competence.

Proving to a prospective client that you will be the best real estate agent to sell their property ultimately relies upon your own self-confidence.  If you can’t believe in your own abilities, then why should somebody else? Such knowledge of your skills, combined with evidence of your previous success and testimonials of customer satisfaction, will go a long way to help prospective clients to see that you are the agent they need to sell their property successfully.

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