Put your work day on a diet

During busy periods, professionals will often find that there isn’t enough time in the day to complete the activities which are crucial to their role.

A quick and practical solution to this dilemma could be structuring your day like a diet and allowing certain amounts of time for different activities that you undertake. Below are some tips to assist with this.

Allocate time

If you find that a certain task takes up more of your time than is appropriate, you may want to consider allocating a set amount of time to this task each day instead of dawdling on it indefinitely. Once a more appropriate timeframe has been defined, you’ll then need to be quite disciplined in allowing yourself only this amount of time to complete it. Once this has been mastered, you could even attempt to reduce the timeframe by 15 minutes every few weeks to steadily increase your efficiency in completing it.

Build flexibility into your plans

You may find it useful to build flexibility into your day by, as an example, adding an extra 15 minutes buffer between each appointment. This may reduce rushing from appointment to appointment and instead allow each task to be approached with a clear mind. The 15 minutes of additional time could also be used to cross simple tasks off your to-do list one by one to make, which will allow more space for the larger projects.

Focus on what’s important

By prioritising your to-do list, you’ll be able to focus on the important tasks while you’re at your most productive. Different people are productive at different periods during the day, so the trick is to determine the circumstances which allow you to perform at your peak and schedule your priority tasks for these periods.

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