Remain informed about national and global market trends

To maintain your position as a successful CENTURY 21 real estate agent, it is important that you remain up to date with both domestic and international issues and property trends, as well as those concerning your own local market.  Regularly reading news articles, talking to colleagues, and reviewing data on a range of different locations will likely assist you when working with clients to buy, sell and rent, and should help you to comment on the state of the market with authority.  

Taking the time to read newspapers and online news sources daily is an excellent way to ensure you remain informed about current trends and happenings both domestically and internationally, particularly within the real estate and financial markets.  In addition, local media reports, property reports and various indices will provide you with a general feel for how the market is moving within a capital city or region.   Such knowledge should allow you to assist clients to gain a better understanding about the interplay between local and global happenings, and how this may affect their property sale or purchase.   

It can also be of great value to regularly catch up with industry colleagues within your region, in other Australian states, and across the world.  The CENTURY 21 network provides an excellent opportunity for agents to do this – with over 300 offices around the country it is easy to communicate with other agents to exchange perspectives on local markets.  Obtaining information on a personal level often provides more of an indepth view that news reports and indices may not convey. 

Having said this, there is a vast amount of information contained online and in newspapers and we can’t possibly take it all in – this requires us to be selective in what we focus on.  So, what are the most important factors that real estate agents need to remain informed about? Essentially agents should aim to maintain a comprehensive understanding about the factors that have the largest impact on the supply and demand of property within the Australian market. 

Prime examples of the influencing factors that can dramatically affect the property market and your role within it include interest rates, weather patterns, unemployment rates, housing finance approvals, housing building approvals, population growth and price growth. 

To be a successful CENTURY 21 real estate agent, it is important to remain aware and informed about trends in local, domestic and international markets.  Such knowledge should give you an advantage and help you to improve both your performance and your ability to impart helpful information to your clients.   

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