Remaining healthy when working through winter

As we shiver through what has, in some areas of Australia, been a historically cold winter, we are reminded of the importance of keeping healthy and warm especially when working.  If you fall victim to wet and frosty weather you run the risk of not only getting sick but also reducing the effectiveness of the work you complete. 

As a real estate agent, if you continue working while sick, your productivity and performance levels could drop or you may get sicker. Thus, taking steps to remain healthy and quickly overcome sickness is very important.

Whether you are on the road driving to an appointment or in the office, it is important to be aware of some helpful ways to keep you healthy this winter.

• Make sure you keep warm. While simple this is often overlooked. Keep an umbrella and spare scarf in the car as they are great ways to stay warm and dry.
• Drink plenty of water and milk. During colder months it is important to hydrate your body by drinking at least two litres a day.  According to the UK’s National Health Service you are 80 per cent more likely to get a cold in winter so make sure your immune system is in tiptop shape by drinking lots of milk and water. 
• Eat more fruit and vegetables. When it is cold outside it is easy to resort to comfort food. However, despite the winter chill it is still important to remain healthy by eating foods that are high in protein and vitamins. Winter soups can be an easy and tasty way to meet your daily vegetable intake.
• Get enough sleep. The UK’s Sleep Council supports the importance of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing.  Lack of sleep can dramatically impair your immune system making you even more vulnerable to the winter chill.
• Wash your hands. Especially while at work, wash your hands every chance you get as you can become sick by picking up live viruses and other bacteria.
• Take supplements. Although no substitute for a balanced and healthy diet, daily multivitamins can help give your body the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. 
• Get vaccinated against the flu. Last year’s flu injection will not necessarily adequately protect you this year. The vaccination will help protect you from pneumonia and other serious complications that can follow from the worsening of a cold.
• Keep exercising.  Exercise is not only important for your metabolism and fitness, but also a great way to reduce stress and feel good about yourself.  Just remember to stay warm when exercising and stretching.

Your ability to perform as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent is highly dependent on your health and well being. As your productivity may be significantly compromised if you do not look after yourself during the cold winter months, taking steps to remain healthy when working through winter is essential for your career as a successful agent.

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