S(up)port your way to success

While it’s well known that being active is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the usefulness of being active can stretch beyond the direct health benefits. For instance, many successful businesspeople have used their participation in a sports team as an aid to their networking activities.

With this in mind, below we have listed some of the benefits of joining a sports team or club in 2014.

1. Strengthen your brand: being involved with a local sports club or team may help strengthen your brand in the community. This may be of assistance when you’re describing the benefits of the local community to potential buyers, as you’ll be able to describe this aspect directly from your personal experience;

2. Networking: while you will be able to directly network within your club, you may also find valuable networking opportunities during after match social functions with opposing clubs. Being attuned to these potential networking opportunities may help you benefit from them;

3. Become a community leader: you may find it beneficial to take on leadership positions within these clubs and teams, as this may help raise your community profile. Members may in turn recommend your services to friends and family due to your standing within the club.


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