Selling in the cooler months


With winter approaching, now may be a good time to start crafting your sales techniques for the cooler months.  Properties can sometimes prove to be more difficult to sell over the winter period – however, through implementing the following simple presentation techniques, you can boost your chances of securing a sale. 

1) Brighten curb appeal: when creating open house environments during the cooler months, keep in mind that the garden and front lawn are often a buyer’s first point of inspection. As such, it is important to make a good first impression by ensuring that any outdoor areas are well utilised. For example, if the property features a garden, some potted winter colour could provide a nice seasonal touch to the home’s exterior features;  

2) Winter staging tricks: while it can potentially be more difficult to sell during the cooler months, there are ways to embrace the challenges of winter and cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and comfort for prospective buyers. For example, utilise fireplaces (where available), turn on automatic heating prior to inspections, and perhaps even play some soft background music to create a warm and relaxing ambience;

3) Artificial lighting: daylight saving time is no longer on our side and, as such, it is now becoming darker much earlier. To combat waning daylight, it is important to make sure that the house is properly lit. For instance, if the property features unique artificial lighting, you should aim to emphasise this point.






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