Set SMART goals for 2014

As a busy spring selling season wraps up and the focus shifts towards the New Year, many professionals start setting goals for 2014. When setting these goals, it might be useful to set SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound and is a widely used system purported developed by American management consultant Peter Drucker to assist individuals and organisations in achieving success.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined the below some pointers which may assist you in setting SMART goals for the New Year.

1. Specific: goals should be specific and should relate to a defined objective. For example, instead of increasing your sales volume in 2014, you may want set a goal of increasing your sales volume by 50 per cent in 2014;

2. Measurable: if your goal is specific, it’s likely to also be measurable and as such, you will be able to measure whether you have achieved it;

3. Attainable: it’s important that your goals are attainable and not completely unrealistic. An attainable goal may also serve as a stepping stone towards a larger, more ambitious goal in the future;

4. Relevant: the most current goals are relevant, that is, directly relate to the purpose of your role and organisation. As such, linking a goal to the larger efforts of your organisation may help you gather support for achieving it;

5. Time-bound: the best goals contain a time-frame to achieve them in, for example, the first half of 2014. This serves to create urgency around achieving a goal and ensure it’s not perpetually left ‘on the back-burner.’


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