Set some SMART goals for the new financial year

Goal setting is an important activity for most successful individuals and is an important way to define your focus and ensure success in any endeavour. In an industry such as real estate, which often sees lulls in activity due to economic and environmental factors, keeping focused on goals and targets during these quieter times could be an essential activity to ensure success when activity picks up again.

Making sure your goals for the new financial year are SMART could be one way to ensure you keep focused on these goals throughout the new financial year.

Specific: by setting clear, specific goals, you’ll be much more likely to achieve them. For example, specifying that you want to achieve double the sales this spring compared to the last sets yourself a clear goal that is very specific.

Measurable: by setting a measurable goal, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress towards achieving it. This may help you keep motivated while you’re working towards the goal as you’ll be able to clearly see the effect that your actions have on your goal and progress towards it.

Actionable: an actionable goal is one that you can clearly put in place steps and behaviours which will result in you achieving it. This will not only assist you with achieving your goal but also with making these steps and behaviours part of your routine, ensuring that you continue to benefit from them long after your goal has been achieved.

Relevant: if your goal is irrelevant to your work, it’s unlikely to be able to assist you as a professional. This is why it’s important to ensure that your goals are directly relevant to an activity that will benefit yourself as a professional – not a goal that may have some intangible benefits to your professional aspirations.

Time-bound: by setting a time-bound goal, you will give your goal a sense of urgency which may prevent it from being over-ridden by the day-to-day demands often found when working in a busy real estate agency. This sense of urgency may also help you action steps towards your goal sooner.

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