Showing a property in the heat

Temperatures across the country have already started heating up, and as summer begins, we can reasonably expect that weather conditions may get even warmer.  For agents in particularly hot climates, such temperatures need to be thought about when showing a property, so as to ensure that prospective buyers are comfortable and focused when considering a purchase decision. 

There are a number of tactics that CENTURY 21 real estate agents may like to consider when displaying a property on hot days in summer.  These can include:

• Offering chilled bottles of water (these can be small in size) to keep prospective buyers hydrated and comfortable;
• Opening doors and windows in a property where possible to allow for a constant flow of air and increased ventilation;
• The use of air-conditioning (where present) at a comfortable room temperature (take care not to set the temperature too low, as a cold house can also be undesirable);
• Switching on ceiling fans where present, and potentially the use of small, portable fans, if convenient, in an unobtrusive way;
• Timing inspections to be held at cooler points in the day, such as in the morning and/or evening where appropriate.  

In employing measures to keep prospective buyers cool on hot days, you could be better able to highlight a property’s ability to offer solace from and withstand such weather.  In addition, the aforementioned and other tactics may help you to increase the chances of interested buyers staying on to further explore the listing, and of retaining interest and visiting again. 

The heat of summer can be frustrating for many real estate agents, particularly those in hot climates, as soaring temperatures have the potential to make open inspections uncomfortable.  However, agents need not fear – as you can see there are many ways for you to ensure that properties shown during the heat of summer can be kept cool and inviting to prospective purchasers. 

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