Some considerations when advertising listings

For agents operating in today’s real estate market, there are a variety of options available for the marketing of property listings.  Having said this, with sophisticated marketing methods becoming increasingly available thanks to advancing technologies, it may be easy for some professionals to bypass more established options – perhaps even to the detriment of a campaign. 

Advancing forms of property marketing are certainly attractive and can help a real estate agent stand out from the crowd.  However, while platforms such as social media are allowing agents to effectively communicate with prospective buyers and renters regarding certain properties of interest, so too do methods like the tried-and-true letter box drop and ads in local newspapers continue to have their place. 

Audience is therefore a key consideration for any agent when commencing the marketing of a new property and indeed when staying in touch with a database in general.  Having an understanding of audience should incorporate both the anticipated target market of a particular property (be it a first-home owner’s dream in a trendy location or a retirement villa in a coastal region), as well as the residents of the general locale in which an agent operates. 

An awareness of audience should extend to know-how regarding preferences for the types of communiqué received, and how these are delivered. 

For example, while starting conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may be effective (and expected) marketing methods for tech-savvy first-home buyers who are online for a great deal of time, the same methods may not be as preferred by older purchasers who continue to enjoy perusing through the local newspaper for updated property listings. 

There is no doubt that real estate marketing continues to change, and agents must be savvy with their marketing budgets in order to both secure listings and ensure the best results for their vendor clients.  While agents will no doubt have a good understanding as to the demographics of their local community and how best to communicate the appropriate message, it pays to note that an audience, and thus marketing, could also change according to property – depending on the property type and price range.

By keeping an open mind, understanding your key market and remaining up to date with the various methods by which audiences may be communicated with, agents should be able to ensure that their listings are marketed effectively, with the best possible allocation of funds.   

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