Spare a thought for clients over Christmas.

Christmas and New Year are customarily very busy times for real estate agents, as settlements are sought to be finalised and any lingering negotiations or deals are sought to be closed before the holiday season begins. It can be important not to forget that client relationships still need to be maintained during this time, however, which can be done easily through simply letting them know how they might stay in touch during the silly season.

Clients, including vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants, will appreciate you taking the time to let them know your plans and whereabouts over the festive season, and whether or not you will be contactable. This information is handy as it will direct them to suitable contacts should they have any issues arise during this time, for instance a water leakage in a rental property. A benefit of remaining contactable during this period is that it will help to ensure that the Century 21 brand remains prominent in the minds of customers. It’s also a small gesture which might increase the possibility that they will consider your services for their future real estate activities, as it can be enormously irritating needing the help of someone only to find that they have gone AWOL for several weeks.

Below are a few other simple, yet effective ways of staying in touch with clients over the holiday season that you may wish to explore.

Christmas cards: Agents who personally write and sign cards that contain a small personal message, such as a congratulations on the purchase of a new home, can set themselves apart from their competitors. Such cards are well-received by clients as they demonstrate an element of personalisation, and treating as client as an individual with unique needs. While you’re at it, why not use Christmas cards as an opportunity to provide clients with the best contact details for you over the holidays also, so that they can get in touch with you should any needs arise.

Be involved: The very nature of real estate involves contact and relationships with a diverse range of clients. This can mean that, as an agent, you are invited to many social events as the end of the year draws near. Rather than looking towards these functions as time-consuming obligations as we can sometimes be tempted to do, why not instead adjust your mindset and think of them as a fun investment into your current client relationships, and an opportunity to develop new client relations leading into the New Year. It could be worse than working with a glass of champagne and a canapé in your hand!

Automate your email: As the clock strikes 5pm on your last working day for the year, it is important to remember to switch on your out-of-officer automated email reply. That way, clients will be immediately notified of the reason behind your lack of reply outside of the designated dates and secondly (again) how to contact you in emergency situations.

These small initiatives will not only assist in maintaining client relations, but should help to ensure that you are able to have a relaxing holiday, where you can totally switch off, as you will have successfully ‘taken care of business’ prior to stepping out of the office on Christmas Eve.

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