Spruce up your property after the holidays

After the holidays it can be difficult to be motivated to do anything around the house. It can

sometimes be hard enough just being back at work! However, spending some time sprucing up your 

home after the holidays can provide a sense of accomplishment, and allow you to begin the year 

with a fresh outlook.


Below are three tips to help you change the feel of you place – with minimal effort.


Help your grass with some Nitrogen: If your grass got trampled by parties over the holiday season, 

chances are it’s looking like it could be in need of a little bit of love. Now is a great time to help it 

recover, and there are several options for bringing it back into full health. Grass responds really well 

to Nitrogen based fertilisers. This is because nitrogen is an important part of the photosynthesis 

process. It will also have an impact within a couple of days – particularly with the warm weather and 

if you ensure it’s hydrated – meaning your grass should really take off. This will help to make it look a 

deeper green, and also more lush.


Bring some outside inside: Maybe you’ve had to make room for extra people at your house over the 

Christmas period, and so moved your pots outside. Or, maybe you’ve never had many pots inside in 

the first place. However, potted plants can be a great way to change up the feel of your home. There 

are so many options these days, and interesting foliage makes for great impact. Have a look at some 

plants like a Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata), Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum spp.), or a Zanzibar gem 

(Zamioculcas zamiifolia). These plants can help bring life to any interior.


Change up your layout: The period following the holidays can be a great time to change the 

furniture layout in your home. It can be as simple as changing the orientation of the furniture in your 

lounge room, or you could even look at reconsidering the layout of every room! You could even 

consider rethinking the positioning of artwork on the walls, or possibly even bringing in some new 

pieces. Draw up a rough plan of your rooms, and think about how a new layout could work. It might 

appear so different that you could feel like you have new furniture. And don’t forget the old adage – 

a change is as good as a holiday!

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