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One of the most important aspects of any job is to continually show your value above your competitors. Below are three tips to keep you ahead of the pack, and cemented as the number one real estate agent in your local area.

Show commitment and consistency.

It might take years for someone to decide to sell or buy a house, but if you have shown that you are committed and consistent, your chances of winning the listing and selling it increase substantially. However, your commitment won’t mean much to your clients unless they can actually see it. This is why it’s important to actively take a number of different steps to stay front of mind in your local area.

One option could be to make contact with your local media – a friendly property editor in the local newspaper can really be worth their weight in gold. It’s also likely you’ve been vigilant in expanding your contacts data base, but it’s important not to forget to use it. A phone call every now and again will remind potential clients of your commitment to them. Finally, there are also now a host of social media opportunities available to demonstrate your commitment and consistency in the area relatively easily.

Be the person who knows everything about everything.

If you can demonstrate to your current and potential clients that you are up to date on the range of factors which can impact on property sales, you can easily demonstrate your ability to deliver more value than your competitors. In fact, possessing in-depth knowledge on the local area, the economy, changes to legislation, state and national developments and even international relations could move a client from being potential, into definite.

Make a commitment to keep on educating yourself in 2015. By having an expansive general knowledge, you will be able to engage with people on a wide range of topics, and not seem like you’re just waiting to sign them up to a contract.

Go the extra mile.

It’s an age-old adage, but it’s so important. The agent who takes the time and effort to send out handwritten thankyou notes or a “welcome to the neighbourhood” hamper is probably going to stand out above the crowd. By showing that you are willing to go the extra mile in the small things, you demonstrate that you are also likely able to go the extra mile in the bigger things, where it counts. And the best part is that even though it probably won’t cost you much, it could pay huge dividends.

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