Staying healthy this winter – tips for agents on the go

We are fast approaching that time of year again when temperatures drop and our immune systems become more susceptible to niggling colds, flus and viruses. As real estate professionals we remain on the go throughout the year, constantly trying to strike the ever-important balance between personal lives and the chase for leads and conversions. Most of us manage to maintain our well-being despite the juggling act; however the onset of winter often requires a little more self-care to ensure that our physical and mental health stays in check.

Here are some simple tips to keep your mind, body and soul toasty this winter.

1. Rug up
The notion that keeping warm can reduce susceptibility to colds was debated for many years until 2005 when researchers discovered an empirical link between body temperature and common cold symptoms. In a study entitled ‘Acute cooling of the feet and the onset of common cold symptom’, scientists from the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University found that keeping one’s feet and nose warm reduces the likelihood of catching a cold. They further recommended that the best precautions for avoiding a cold are to wear a warm hat and keep your feet dry.

Therefore it is important to keep snug this winter. Though you may not always be able to don a cap there are plenty of other items you can wear to keep your body temperature up including coats, jumpers, scarves, gloves and warm shoes. In addition, wearing clothes made of wool, cotton or fleecy synthetic fibres should help.

2. Maintain a healthy diet, including extra H20
Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of water will go a long way to keeping your energy levels up and your sinuses dry this winter. Eat a broad range of foods, including plenty of fresh and seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and minimise saturated fats, processed foods and organic meats.

It is also important to remember to eat breakfast, which will kick-start your metabolism and give you energy for the day ahead. Small and regular snacks such as apples, oranges and almonds will help you sustain these energy levels throughout the day and reduce the likelihood of engaging in unhealthy eating habits.

In addition, if you want an extra boost for your immune system consider taking supplements such as B complex, Zinc and Vitamin C and/or herbal extracts such as Echinacea Goldenseal and Grapefruit Seed. However, only take such after having first consulted a competent health care or nutrition professional.

3. Minimise stress and get rest
Several studies have established a link between high stress levels and cold and flu susceptibility (for example, The New England Journal of Medicine’s 1991 study: ‘Psychological Stress and Susceptibility to the Common Cold’). As such, you should make a conscious effort to minimise stress through working reasonable hours and by getting an adequate amount of sleep per night.

You should also look to identify activities that aid your personal stress relief.  These might include exercise, yoga, social interaction or even figure painting. The important thing is to ascertain what works for you and then put aside some time each day to incorporate the activity or activities into your life.

4. Be diligent with hygiene
As a real estate practitioner you most probably meet several different clients throughout the day. As such, it is likely that you also shake a lot of hands. Though you probably don’t think about it, shaking hands is one of the perfect ways to ensure that you pass on viruses or take them on from someone else.

Therefore, frequent hand washing is one of the best protections against viruses. As you probably won’t always have immediate access to soap or water, consider purchasing a small bottle of hand sanitiser, which you can whip out of your pocket whenever needed.

The Roundup
These are just a few things you can do to strengthen your body’s immune system, so that you can stay healthy, happy and energised this winter season, positioning yourself to achieve real estate success.  

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