Staying safe as a real estate agent

As a real estate agent, it is common to find yourself in situations which are potentially dangerous – for example where you are alone or meeting people for the first time without knowing much about them.    Although most real estate agents go through their careers without any mishaps, it is important for all real estate agents to be aware of any possible dangers they may be confronted with and ways that these can be avoided. 

As a real estate agent you should always carry your mobile phone on you and ensure that it is fully charged.  Have important phone numbers such as the police, your office and a roadside assistance service on speed dial so that if they are easy to find and call if needed. 

On any occasion when you are out of the office for work, such as when showing a prospective buyer a house or meeting with a client, try to let somebody in your office know where you are, who you are meeting and what time you expect to be back. 

It may be worthwhile to make your work schedule available to others in your office.  Not only will this enable the effective organization of meetings, it will also let your office easily keep track of where you are during work hours.  Some agents, when out of the office, also find it can help to ring their office and ‘check-in’ at certain times. 

When conducting an open inspection, try to make sure that there is only one entrance/exit to the property available and that all other potential entry points are blocked off or locked.  Try to record the names of all the visitors to the property showing, and take care to make sure that everyone has left at the end. 

It is common for real estate agents to be on the road regularly, visiting the homes of clients and prospective clients.  As you are in a car so frequently, try to ensure that your petrol levels are sufficient at all times and that you have a good map book or GPS to avoid getting lost.  It may also be helpful to subscribe to a roadside assistance service, such as the NRMA, in case your car breaks down. 

Since many client visits take place after work hours, it can often be dark when travelling.  Always park in a well-lit area and keep your keys close to hand (if not in your hands) when leaving an appointment and approaching your vehicle. 

Remember to value your instincts – they can be very helpful.  If you have a feeling that something is not right, or for some reason feel uncomfortable, pay attention.  Even just a heightened sense of awareness in certain situations can help to keep you out of danger. 



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