Strategies to help real estate agents improve their performance at work

One of the most appealing aspects of a career in real estate is the dynamic range of tasks that a job can entail: In fact, for many real estate agents it is the fast-paced, busy and versatile nature of the profession that motivates and drives them towards success.


Having said that, it is not uncommon for agents to find themselves overwhelmed or disillusioned by the volume of their workloads; and given such, it is important for all agents find ways to both sustain and raise their performance levels at work.


The following four tips can be used to assist real estate agents to perform to their maximum potentials:


Write tasks down


It can sometimes be easier to keep track of tasks and deadlines when they are written down. This is because in doing such you create a tangible reference point, which can then be used to ensure that tasks do not slip through the cracks - particularly in times of high stress and/or workload. Writing tasks down may also help you to visualise and crystalise what is required - enabling you to focus thoughts and energy on tasks at hand, and also prioritise deadlines in the future.


Plan and prioritise your workload


It is often beneficial to begin a work day by creating a to-do list and prioritising tasks. Both strategies, in combination, often bring an important level of structure and organisation to an individual’s work plan, allowing them to execute tasks in a strategic order that is conducive with efficient and comprehensive performance.


There is an array of strategies that can be used to prioritise tasks: Some workers prioritise tasks in order of deadline; others order in terms of size, value, cost and risk. Whatever the case, the approach needs to be suited to the individual who is going to be carrying out the tasks.


Upon allocating a time for each task it is also often a wise move to allow some extra time for unexpected distractions and additional tasks. It may also be helpful to use a dairy or calendar to remind yourself of when upcoming tasks are due.


Set achievable goals


Do not underestimate the importance of setting some personal goals and objectives – these can help you remain realistic and focused for success.


Goal setting can be a great source of personal motivation and focus. By defining a goal, objective or target individuals can channel their time, energy and efforts in a focussed and specific direction, which often works to decrease instances of complacency and procrastination.


As a real estate agent you might set multiple goals. For example, you may aim to increase your listings by a certain percentage or target a particular sales volume over a defined period.


Whatever the case, by setting goals and gradually working towards them, you can put yourself in a positive position to reach new levels of personal and professional achievement – both of which provide fulfilment, confidence and additional motivation for the future.


Maintain a work-life balance


Studies have demonstrated repeatedly that maintaining a good work-life balance is integral to an individual’s workplace productivity and overall well being.


Regardless of what industry you are in; if you are overworked, overtired and physically drained, your productivity and efficiency levels are almost invariably going to suffer. In addition, you are going to increase your likelihood of getting mentally or physically sick – both of which are likely to diminish your performance at work.


Given such, it is important to set aside time to do things that bring you enjoyment and relaxation – be it watching television or going for a hike. The important thing is to proactively create opportunities to let your mind, body and soul refresh.

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