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Jargon, in essence, is industry specific terminology which is used by the members of a particular group or profession. As it’s so specific, it’s not normally understood or used by everyone. This can at times be annoying, when someone is using jargon and you don’t know what they’re talking about!

 You’ll often see jargon of the real estate variety scattered throughout property listings, which sometimes sound just like science fiction speak: ‘3BR Apt with BIRs and DLUG ‘ – (3 bedroom apartment with build in robes and double lock-up garage, for those yet acquainted!)

Sometimes I hear conversations between real estate salespeople and others in the industry such as conveyancers, mortgage brokers and tradespeople which are so jargon-filled, that to the untrained ear would sound much like a foreign language. However they really couldn’t operate in any other – as jargon is a series of shortcuts which speeds things up greatly. This industry speak does tend to lend a tone of professionalism and expertise to a conversation. People who are experienced in a specific profession naturally used jargon freely as it becomes the language of their business.

There is, however, a time and a place for jargon – which is usually amongst ones contemporaries; others who are speaking the same language. However there is also a time and a place not to use jargon - primarily when those you are speaking to do not understand the words you are using, because you don’t share a common background or profession.

At CENTURY 21, we train our salespeople in how to best communicate with people from all walks of life – and the most important part of communicating, even more important than people hearing what you are saying, is having people understand what you are saying – and you understanding them. Therefore, we teach our salespeople to avoid jargon where possible, and to use plain language when discussing property transactions with buyers and sellers. At CENTURY 21, we pride our people on being clear, accessible experts - communicating clearly and offering expert advice that is easily understood, regardless of how much or how little you know about real estate.

However in saying this, when you enter the real estate market for the first time, it does help to familiarize yourself with some commonly used real estate terms. It will make the transaction easier – and you will undoubtedly feel more comfortable if you are familiar with some of the terminology you might encounter. It does help to come armed with some knowledge.

Technology, in particular the internet is a blessing when it comes to understanding jargon. Back in my day, one had to engage in the arduous task of searching through great tomes known as ‘encyclopaedias’ or ‘dictionaries’ when one did not know the meaning of a word. These days, one merely needs to type the word into Google to get a pretty comprehensive understanding of it and how it should be used. See how easy you have it, Gen Y!?

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Mortgage Brokers Melbourne

Mortgage Brokers Melbourne wrote on 21/01/2010 4:52 PM

Correct.. Jargon talk makes the real estate deal more heavy.. Glad to hear that you people understand what people need..

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