Techniques for managing a healthy workload

Keeping commitments are important when it comes to managing a real estate agent’s heavy workload.  You can be the most enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic, positive and friendly person, but if you are unable to complete your projects on time you may find yourself in trouble with your boss and clients, causing unnecessary levels of stress.

If you feel a bit snowed under and that your job may be at risk, it may be time for you to stand back and acknowledge that to move up the career ladder and reduce stress levels, you must learn how to manage a healthy workload.  Discover how to take control of your stress with these workload management techniques.

Keep on Track of things
Keep your to do list on an Excel spreadsheet with the name of the project in column one, the description in column two, the projects deliverables in column three, and any due dates in column four.  It is often useful to colour code your projects to signify progress; red, yellow and green.

Meet with your manager on a regular basis
You will usually need to gain agreement and understanding regarding a project and its expected objectives with your boss or vendor.  By talking about projects and timelines with these parties on a regular basis, you will be able to collectively note if your time is being wasted or pushed beyond commitment, or alternatively if it could be better spent on other aspects of the project. 

Do not over commit yourself to projects
If you have a habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything, learn to say ‘NO’.  It is important to be honest with yourself and to realise what can realistically be accomplished in a given period of time.  Use the time you do have in your week to prioritise your tasks at hand, and do not overburden yourself with other people’s unwanted tasks too.  If time is running out on an important task, learn to delegate.

Find an appropriate release for stress
Set aside at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself in the day to take a walk, listen to music or have an informal conversation with a colleague.  These simple tricks can help you relax and may even enhance your productivity.

Tackle procrastination
Maintaining an efficient workload is relies heavily on adopting a winning attitude. Prioritising, delegating and tacking procrastination will leave you feeling assertive with regards to your to do list.

Remember your reputation, health and home life can be affected if you are unable to manage your workload and deliver your commitments effectively.  Step back to take an analytical view of your workload and how you manage it.  You may just find that with a few tweaks and habit changes, you are able to perform your job as a real estate agent more effectively, securing more sales and improving your overall health, wellbeing and home life. 

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