The 15 minute break miracle

Real estate agents are typically required to concentrate on several different tasks at a time, constantly juggling the needs of different clients, colleagues and enquiries about new business. At times such as these, it’s understandable that the last thing any busy individual would be interested in halting their momentum by taking a break – even if it could increase their productivity.

Recent studies have pointed to the benefits of planned, sporadic breaks as throughout the day our brains inevitably tire, and although we might not be yawning or showing obvious symptoms, individuals certainly becomes more susceptible to distractions over the course of the work day.

This has been proven through usage data from Facebook that shows usage building from 9am-12pm and then peaking at 3pm, when most individuals start to feel increasingly fatigued. By scheduling a break in at times like this, it’s possible to refresh (and refocus) without being drawn into time wasting activities that can seriously hamper your productivity.

It’s best to keep this short break as active as possible, stepping away from the computer for a coffee with a colleague, or heading for a brisk walk around the block. Short breaks also serve as a useful opportunity to allow the mind to wander, allowing your brain to rest and refresh, giving your work renewed focus when you return to your desk.

Try taking a short break this afternoon and you may be surprised at the results.

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