The art of persuasion

For real estate agents, the art of respectful persuasion, where appropriate, is a fundamental element to all sales.  There are many ways for agents to learn and build upon the many skills to persuasion, enabling them to successfully encourage both sellers and buyers to make decisions relating to property.

When discussing properties with clients there are several tips that you can consider using to assist you in securing a listing or sale.   These include:

• Using non-controversial statements and language
• Making an effort to remember the names of both your clients and people passing through a property
• Gently helping people to take your suggestions and form their own opinions
• Asking emotion-evoking questions to connect your clients to the property
• Trying to incorporate a sense of humour – establishing a relationship and rapport with clients
• Being complimentary of your clients’ choices
• Using language and terms appropriate to each specific client

In addition to the above ideas, some of the following facts may help you to understand how to encourage your clients to act. 

People are more likely to complete a task if it has been started for them.
Use this to your advantage by arming yourself with market prices and information about local neighbourhoods – this will ensure you are ready to converse with a buyer/renter about why a particular area is suitable for their needs. 

The thought of losing something is more powerful than the idea of gaining it. 
This is key for buyers – your gentle implication that a property may soon be sold to someone else could be enough encouragement for them to act on their wish to purchase the property and increase their offer. 

The act of gentle and credible persuasion and encouragement, where appropriate, is key to your success as a real estate agent.  Incorporating both the above tips and others that you have seen to be effective should help you to become a more effective real estate professional – allowing you to secure more listings and sell an increased number of properties. 

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Owners and Tenants Information Service

Owners and Tenants Information Service wrote on 23/09/2011 8:35 AM

The reality that really bytes in the real estate industry is within the rental market. Sadly the art of persuation is lacking however the art of going on a power trip for property managers is thriving. What most real estate agents fail to realise is that at any given time and tenant could potentially become a buyer. Furthermore, without tenants the demand for property investors would deminish considerably. Some of the bully tactics and failures to respond to tenants requests in particular when maintenance issues are raised is not only contemptuous but in breach of the tenancy agreement contract and indeed legislation. With the recent media coverage regarding a tenant who was awarded almost $10K in rent reimbursement from the real estate agent, not the owner, more and more tenants and property owners are coming forward and providing details of their experience on the oatis website. In court the solicitor who represented the agents said "your honour this order will open a can of worms for the real estate industry Australia wide." and he was right, the can of worms is beginning to open. The Owners and Tenants Information Service is open to anyone to submit details of their experience with a real estate agent - good or bad and in an attempt to get the industry into tip top shape the service is also offering Masterclass and Bootcamp in order to provide a reality check for property managers who may be on a power trip and may find themselves explaining to agency priciples why the agent has been ordered to pay a reimbursement of rent to a tenant.

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