The Benefits of Knowing a Second Language in Sales

The ability to communicate in more than one language and understand some of the finer points of foreign cultures are skills that will put you ahead in the real estate game. 

When selling property, you will have far greater success in engaging with people from different backgrounds and cultures if you can converse with them and understand they way they think, their cultures and beliefs and how they conduct business transactions.  As a result of this understanding, you should be able to convert interest from foreign buyers into property sales more easily.  

With globalisation and advances in technology, Australia has seen an influx of international investors enter the Australian property market. To build upon this movement of foreign investment, the possession of a second language is invaluable for a real estate agent. 

So which languages should you learn? From the looks of current conditions, Chinese and Russian seem to represent good starting points.

The Australian real estate market is not only seeing wealthy Chinese investors, but also from buyers from Dubai and Russia. According to a report on Property Wire in March last year, in 2009 on the Gold Coast alone Chinese buyers finalised deals for $22.76 million of houses and apartments, while buyers from the Russian Federation purchased $22.7m of Gold Coast homes.

With such an influx of foreign residential investment, the ability to speak and write another language, even at a basic level, is a valuable skill for a real estate agent to possess.  Additionally, learning a second language can help to strengthen your social and cultural skills, potentially leading to improved networking and business opportunities.

If you feel that learning a new language will help you to succeed further in your career, take the first step.  Find a local community centre or language college and sign yourself up for beginner classes. 

Learning a second language (as well as developing an understanding about foreign cultures) has the potential to hugely benefit your career as a real estate agent, allowing you to expand your clientele and maximise your sales.

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