The best staff are motivated staff!

One of the best ways to grow a sustainable and successful business is to retain quality employees. There are many different facets involved in achieving a productive office such as the importance of recruiting staff, developing strategies to get the best out of your staff, as well as implementing techniques that you as a manager or owner can apply to help encourage staff presence and sales. Whatever strategy you prefer, the central theme here is motivation. The best staff are well motivated staff.

We all know that as a manager of an office, part of your job is to encourage and manage productivity; what you don’t get told directly is that being cheerful and motivated yourself should also be part of your job description.  The quality of an office environment is so important when it comes to high levels of staff retention and company loyalty, and a leader’s attitude often influences this quality.  

There is no one theory or one way to motivate your staff to work harder and be innovative.  The art of management involves creating conditions that are most conducive to motivation and great work.  As a manager you want to grasp as much information as you can about what motivates your staff.  It is important to remember that each person is unique and has differing values and interests.  Understanding the aspirations and needs of your staff comes into play here.  Empowering your staff to feel in control and appreciated will result in productivity.

There are only so many helpful words of encouragement you can offer your staff.  If you don’t take the time to hire the correct people and a poor working environment subsequently develops (with personality clashes etc), this unideal situation will threaten your bottom line.  Reward structures and incentives may go some way to fix your problems, however will not be of much use if your staff do not respect the company and their environment. Encouraging communication between people who work with each other and listening, really listening, to what your staff have to say will help unite the organisation. Showing an interest in your staff’s personal interests and out of office activities is a simple yet effective way to generate staff morale.   

Raising the passion of your employees through social activities and incentive programs is a nice way to empower staff. Engaging in local non-compulsory activities such as attending the neighbourhood fete or charity events such as Clean up Australia Day can give your office something to bond over. Organising frequent social activities within the office are also fantastic tactics to motivate and show appreciation to your staff. Having a happy hour or Friday after- work drinks once a month, organising a birthday cake and morning tea for a staff members birthday, or generating a office sweep for the Melbourne Cup are all easy ways to bring your team together. Happy staff are active staff.

Reward and incentive programs can be used to balance competition with hard work and reward. The programs themselves need to have achievable goals and be fun if they are to motivate your staff.  One idea that often proves effective is to have a build up to a monthly or quarterly award that your staff members know to work towards.  In this instance, it is often the prestige associated with the name of the award that is the prize itself – e.g. Best Salesperson, and not the prize that is motivational.  A token reward in these circumstances, such as a massage or flowers, is often appropriate. 

Positive reinforcement and one on one motivation is so important to a company’s dynamics. This is the most inexpensive and arguably the best way to get the best from your employees. It is simple and takes little effort or time on your behalf. Making your team feel good about themselves and patting them on the back when they do something well, is the best form of encouragement and thanks you could possibly give. Praising your staff with little comments such as “You did a great job” and “keep it up” can change the whole dynamics of your office.  If you have an employee who creates an issue, do not avoid the situation, speak with them privately and solve the issue. If you use the principle of praising instead of reprimanding you will have a far more productive and happy office.

If you have overlooked motivation as an important part of your daily checklist, then think again.   Adopting strategies of motivation at work is by far the best kept secret in a successful business.


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