The best tactics and skills for negotiating

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent your role will often require your engagement in artful negotiation, on behalf of both your own interests as well as those of your client vendors. 

Depending on the circumstances there are different types of tactics and skills to negotiating.  Simply being aware of these can help you to fight your point and prevent you falling victim to manipulation by others. 

Tactic 1 – Win-Win
Effective negotiation can help when what you want to achieve conflicts with the aims of someone else. The aim of Win-Win negotiations is to find an area of middle ground that both parties can happily accept. This tactic is neutral and often helpful for workplace disputes.  It can also allow for the building of good relationships based on mutual respect.  

Tactic 2 – Play hard ball
A somewhat ruthless tactic, this method aims for you to win negotiations at the expense of the other person.  It is not recommended for resolving disputes with people that you have an ongoing relationship with.     

Tactic 3 – Positive persuasion
In many negotiations there are smaller issues that need to be resolved before the main point is even addressed.  Providing assistance with these matters prior to discussing the main problem can act in some way to ‘open the door’ so to speak, often making the other party more receptive to your case in negotiating the bigger problem. 

Tactic 4 – Confidence is key
Many agents can successfully sell properties, but may fall down in negotiating a fair commission for their provision of service.   Working on your levels of personal self esteem can help to give you the confidence to indicate your acceptable terms of service.  In standing firm you will likely also go a long way to secure the respect from those you work with. 

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent try to remember that you may not be able to win every negotiation you engage in, whether it be with management, colleagues or clients.  Negotiation is about finding middle ground that helps you to achieve successful results when it may not previously have been possible.   

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