The habits of highly efficient people

Ever have one of those days where it is time to go home, but you have not ticked off everything on your to do list? You go home tired only to dream about work and worry about having not replied to that important email.  Leaving work feeling like you have accomplished nothing is never a good feeling.  It is time to take control of your efficiency in the office.

As an agent at one of the largest real estate sales organisations in the world, it is your responsibility to remain focused on being the very best you can be.  Efficiency is often the key to your own success and productivity.  Here are several ways which can help to reduce the strain of your workload and assist you in developing new habits to improve your efficiency as a real estate agent. 

External changes
1. Re-define your to do list by listing things only tasks which are of importance and that must be done, leaving off unnecessary tasks.
2. Setting time goals prevents distraction and tasks dragging on.  Before you commence your task, set a target due date and time frame to assist with the completion.
3. Keep clutter to a minimum or else you will waste precious time looking for that missing document or pen. Keep your desk in order by creating a filing system.
4. Breakdown your large projects into easy to manage tasks. Tackling smaller tasks will keep you focused and motivated as you work towards that end goal.
5. Reward yourself for efficiency. The key to achieving an efficient workplace is to keep your incentives high and intact. Rewarding yourself is the best form of motivation.

Internal changes
Many efficient people are assisted by internal character traits and attitudes; these tend to form our habits.  To achieve a productive and efficient means of working as a CENTURY 21 agent you should consider adopting several habits in the workplace.

• Be proactive
Changes start from within; highly efficient people adapt to external changes by making a decision to improve their lives through influences that they can control, as opposed to reacting to external forces ill-prepared.

• Begin with the end in mind
Develop a personal mission statement with short term goals.  Display a timeline on your desk that you can constantly refer back to with little notes of achievement marked along the way.

• Think Win/Win
Search for relationships and scenarios which are mutually beneficial.  When a win/win situation cannot be achieved, look for alternative options.

• Think continual improvement
Try to balance your emotional, physical and mental self.  Take time out when needed, help others who help you and maintain a positive attitude when times are hard.
Many people only have a few basic methods when it comes to tackling a challenge in their workplace.   To become efficient it is important to be able to acknowledge your internal and external traits.  The ability to monitor and manage your workplace habits is a tool for success.  


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