The iconic CENTURY 21 gold jacket

The iconic CENTURY 21 gold jacket

The CENTURY 21 gold jacket has become an iconic symbol of the world’s largest real estate sales network. It has become much more than a uniform and is now a powerful marketing tool and point of difference for the network.

A brief history of the jacket
When CENTURY 21 was first founded in California, USA in 1971 it was common for real estate agents to have a coloured jacket. The gold jacket was introduced by CENTURY 21 co-founder Art Bartlett, although he originally wanted the jacket to be brown in colour. Over the years it became something that set the company apart and made their agents easily identifiable.

The CENTURY 21 gold jacket has become synonymous with real estate around the world. The gold jackets have featured in the films Ghost Busters and War Games. They have also appeared in numerous commercials in Australia and in other countries.

Why it's important to wear your gold jacket
As well as it being a part of the CENTURY 21 uniform, the jacket is easily identifiable at open homes and auctions. Any CENTURY 21 agent seen in public wearing the gold jacket is a walking advertisement for the network and the sight of them may influence a potential buyer to contact their local CENTURY 21 office.

In recent times the jacket has also become part of CENTURY 21's philanthropic activities. 2014 marked the inaugural year of CENTURY 21's support of Cancer Council's Pink Ribbon month, in which agents wore limited edition pink jackets instead of gold ones for the duration of the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Today CENTURY 21 agents throughout Australia and the world proudly wear their gold jacket. The jacket embodies the core values of the network and to the public it represents high quality service and reliability.

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