The importance of a lunch break

While many of us would likely agree that lunch breaks are an important part of the working day, some studies have shown that increasing numbers of employees are eating lunch at their desk or skipping lunch altogether. 

Here are five tips for making the most out of your lunch break:

1) Re-energise: the middle of the day is typically the time when our energy levels are asking to be replenished. You should try to use your lunch break to consolidate your thoughts; let your brain rest; and then plan your approach to the day’s remaining tasks; 

2) Plan strategically: try to do something useful with your lunch break – run an errand; take a walk; meet a friend for lunch; anything to ensure that the time spent away from your desk is positive and productive;  

3) Think about how you refuel: the food that you put into your body is just as important as the choices you make at work. Aim to make food decisions that wont upset your dietary needs, but don’t forget to occasionally treat yourself. A balanced and healthy lunch will help you to make a productive finish to the day;

 4) Monitor your break time: if you’re break-time is predetermined, it is important be respectful of these parameters. Being too generous with your break-time may call into question your work ethic. Caution – however, don’t ignore the importance of a break altogether; this may lead to a decline in the quality of your output;  

5) Think about where you eat: eating at your desk while you remain engaged with work can potentially result in over-eating, lethargy and an overall lack of productivity. To prevent such from happening, you may want to consider taking a brisk walk following your meal; this will help you to metabolise your food and maximise the value of your break.

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