The importance of body language at work

When communicating with clients, it is important to remember that body language can be just as impactful as the words that you employ.


Body language can assist or hinder your interactions, depending on your approach. Subtle hand gestures or facial expressions may have greater impacts than you realise and, as such, it is important to have an acute awareness of what your body language might be saying to others.


Here are four key factors to keep in mind in relation to body language:


1)      Eye contact and brow movement: maintaining eye contact during client interactions is essential; a furrowed brow or darting eyes may work to communicate a sense of dishonesty or lack of confidence. As such, you should always aim to adopt a relaxed and considered approach. A softened brow, regular eye contact and the occasional head-nod may go a long way to making your clients feel comfortable and engaged with.


2)      Facial gestures: once again, it’s important to convey a relaxed demeanour. A softer approach, without passivity or submission, is often advised. Tense expressions, on the other hand – like pursed lips or a downturned mouth – can sometimes work to evoke feelings of hostility and/or disinterest from clients. 

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