The importance of maintaining training

For professionals across many industries, it is often the case that once qualifications in a certain area have been completed and an individual progresses into employment, a good deal of time then passes before further training or education is undertaken.  While the knowledge and know-how that can be developed through experience in a role is highly beneficial, it also remains important for real estate agents to continue their external learning once established in a job. 


There are a variety of different topics that can be advantageous for agents to consider, ensuring that they remain up to date.  These can include evolving and advancing technologies, new methods of marketing, different approaches to the sales process and the like.  


Educational forums on many of these subjects will present agents with new ways of thinking and doing things.  Once learned, it will then be up to the individual agent as to whether they decide to incorporate these perspectives into their approach.  The important thing is that they are positioning themselves to better understand the various tactics available to them. 


There are a variety of different real estate training and education resources available to real estate agents.  CENTURY 21 Australia, for example, regularly conducts seminars across the country, designed to keep agents up to date with the very latest in real estate sales techniques and technologies.  Most successful agents find that by taking the initiative and engaging in such educational opportunities where possible, they are usually able to ensure that they remain up to date and maintain a competitive edge over other agents in their area. 


It must also be said that when considering new or developing ways of doing things, real estate agents should recognise their own personal strengths and what they do well.  With this in mind, agents can then make an informed decision about whether to incorporate newly learned skills into their repertoire of tactics, or to stick with their tried and true methods.


Regardless of whether real estate agents decide to apply the knowledge they acquire through training or not, the important thing is that they remain up-to-date and informed on a consistent basis throughout their careers.  And in today’s world of rapidly advancing technologies and emerging theories on sales approaches, there can certainly be some tangible benefits for agents who take the time to maintain their education. 

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