The importance of returning a phone call

It tends to be in the nature of the job that real estate agents spend a fair amount of time on the phone.  Whether it be interested buyers contacting you about one of your listings (which can be a great deal of calls if you have a number of properties on the go at one time) or someone from your office calling you with an update, it may sometimes feel that your phone never stops ringing.

As in any occupation, with such a great deal of business attached to your phone, missed calls and messages are extremely important to return.  In extreme situations the act of not returning a phone call could eventuate in a bad impression being left with a client or potential client and business lost. 

So, given the busy environment that real estate agents work in, how can you ensure that you return phone calls promptly? The best way is usually to get into a daily routine that allows you to ensure all calls are attended to. 

If you can, try to set aside a small pocket of time each morning and afternoon, in which you exclusively respond to the phone calls that you didn’t immediately call back.   Perhaps dedicate the afternoon to those calls missed during the day, and the morning to those from the previous evening.  You may be surprised by how effectively you work when focused on one task without distraction. 

When time is stretched, try to prioritise your missed phone calls.  Have an understanding of which phone calls require immediate call backs and target these first.  For example, a phone call in relation to the closing of sale would be high on the list of important calls to return. 

Sometimes people will ring your office as opposed to your direct mobile number.  In this case, if you are out, it will be up to the staff in the office to take a message and pass it along to you.  You should ensure that lines of communication between yourself and office staff allow all messages to flow through to you easily and are not lost.  Not responding to messages can reflect badly on both yourself and your agency, so when others are taking them it is important for them to be easily passed on to you. 

Finally, in cases where the time required to call a person back and conduct a conversation is simply not available, it could be worthwhile (in cases where the contact is known) for you, or your representative, to send a quick email or message acknowledging the call.  This assures the client that you have not neglected them, and that even though you are extremely busy you have taken the time to explain the situation.  

When it comes down to it, real estate is a people business.  No matter how effective your marketing campaigns are, finalizing the sale of a property will often involve a good deal of interpersonal communication.  Returning phone calls makes up a large part of this interaction - the way you deal with missed calls could allude to your professional performance in other areas of real estate. 


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