The importance of self awareness

In an industry that relies heavily on the development of interpersonal relationships, real estate agents must consider how their actions are perceived by others. As such, self awareness is one of the most crucial aspects on an agent’s day-to-day job.

Self awareness requires an agent to be more critical than self praising. If an agent is constantly rewarding him or herself and not working towards bettering their overall approach, they will not likely improve. Furthermore, if an agent is unwilling to rectify their faults, they may struggle to retain and secure clients.

This is why the loss of a client can, in a sense, be a golden opportunity; it can act as a positive catalyst for self reflection and improved self awareness.

If you do find yourself having lost a client, it would be wise to reflect closely on your history with the client. Ask yourself the difficult questions – was this avoidable? What may I have done badly that I could do better? Accept that a level of responsibility may fall upon you and keep in mind that a failed relationship can potentially be a valuable tool for self improvement.

Self awareness doesn’t relate exclusively to interpersonal relationships, however; it should encompass the entirety of your work-self. That includes your conduct, presentation, and how you interact with colleagues.

By becoming more self aware you can potentially gain a greater level of control over how others perceive you. This may lead to not only benefits in your work life, but also in your personal relationships, as well as your relationship with yourself.

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