The little extras that go a long way

Most people you talk to have a customer service story that sticks with them.  For some it is the frustration of dealing with a company that wastes their time by making them wait on hold over the phone.  For others, it is the generous loyalty discounts that allow them to return and save money on repeat purchases. 

It is clear that in the retail industry customer service is key to building loyal client relationships and ensuring repeat business.  It is no different in real estate. 

Good real estate agents know that by providing exceptional support throughout the sales process will leave a vendor feeling positive about their experience.  Great agents understand that the provision of ongoing support, well after the vendor has sold and moved, builds solid, lasting relationships, which can result in repeat business, great word of mouth referrals and steadfast client loyalty. 

Providing ongoing support to your vendors does not have to be an arduous undertaking.  In fact, it is usually the little, less obvious activities that are likely to leave the lasting impressions.  These can occur at various stages after the actual sale of a property has taken place and your official duty as real estate agent has ended.   

Immediately post-sale
Selling a property, whether through auction or the acceptance of an offer, is a big deal for many people.  If appropriate, it may be a nice gesture to offer your client a congratulatory gift, such as a bottle of sparkling wine/champagne or a gourmet hamper, to mark the occasion. 

Packing up/moving process
Moving is not an activity that people do often and thus usually do not have trusted contacts or know-how to assist them with the process.  A helpful real estate agent could stay in contact with previous clients and offer advice regarding the best removal and storage companies they have dealt with in the past – making the entire process much easier and less stressful for the vendor. 

Over the long term
While your past clients undoubtedly do not want to be hearing from their real estate agent on a highly regular basis, it may be worthwhile to establish with them their interests regarding the property market, which will allow you to stay in touch to provide legitimate and helpful information. 

For example, if your past clients are investors who are constantly on the lookout for properties fitting certain criteria, you may be able to catch up with them from time to time to update them on various market happenings and opportunities that may be of interest. 

It is the real estate agents who stay in touch with past vendors post-sale in an unobtrusive, helpful way who will succeed in building loyal, mutually beneficial client relationships.  These agents will usually enjoy excellent repeat and referral business and could become a trusted source of information. 

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