The online tablet phenomenon hits the Real Estate industry

For many real estate agents, online tablets, such as the Apple iPad, have come to be seen as an incredibly useful device for the property industry. 

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent, the opportunities to use an online tablet are endless.  For example, having a product like an iPad at open inspections, auctions or even at team meetings can allow you to take advantage of user friendly technology, potentially helping you to do your job more effectively.  

The apps which are beginning to become available for iPads (and other devices on the market) are truly remarkable.  With over 300,000 apps now available for Apple users, the opportunities for you to become a more resourceful CENTURY 21 real estate agent are endless.   

There are countless ways that you can utilise the online tablet phenomenon to help increase sales.  They currently offer you the ability to:
- Show photos and videos of current properties in high definition
- Create a CENTURY 21 Smartbook demonstration for clients right before their eyes
- Incorporate the ‘wow’ factor at your next open house
- Show a client comparable sales
- Sketch out floor plans offering the client an immediate vision of their potential property
- Show details of current listings to clients on the run
- Get directions
- Easily manage clients from outside the office
- Update and enter database details and feedback instantly while at open houses
- Market your listings on Facebook
- Stay up-to-date with industry news and blogs
- Check email enquiries and set appointments 

The ability to execute these actions on the run can help you to not only increase your capacity as a real estate agent, but it may allow you to facilitate client requests quickly and more efficiently – giving you the opportunity to take a competitive lead in the market.  

As a real estate agent, embracing the online tablet phenomenon definitely has the ability to help improve your sales.  Although your own personal, proven means of selling properties may always be what will eventually get you over the line with a sale, the rejection of new technologies could simply result in you missing out on possible business opportunities.  It is for this reason that all CENTURY 21 are encouraged to remain abreast of new technological developments in the industry and to understand how these may contribute to your success as an agent. 

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Real Estate Training wrote on 22/01/2011 12:31 PM

I've been wondering, as %, how many agents are using ipads, and out of that %, how many are using it well, and benefitting their career?

Nice apps I must say, but like anything, it's all in the implementation and execution.

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