The power of presentation


A recent survey by online magazine, Lifehacker, found that 84 per cent of respondents were afraid of public speaking. Unfortunately, public speaking is an unavoidable aspect of professional life for many people – especially real estate agents.


Whether you’re conducting an open home, pitching to prospective clients or presenting a speech at an event, public speaking will likely play an important role in fostering your success. In light of this, we have prepared three simple tips for real estate agents to better their public speaking skills: 


1. Know your topic: while it may not always to be possible to speak on a topic that you’re completely knowledgeable about, it’s always important to equip yourself with key information related to your topic. With the internet at your disposal, relevant information is usually not too far away, so make sure that you leave yourself enough time to do adequate background research prior to presenting;


2. Plan your delivery: some public speakers will choose to read a script when presenting, while others might prefer bullet points or palm cards. If possible, it is best to memorise what you are going to say in advance so that you don’t have to refer to notes at all. Doing so will help you to fully engage with your audience and better position you as a credible source on the topic;


3. Know your audience: different presentations and speaking styles are appropriate for different audiences. For example, while a technical, fast paced presentation style may be appropriate for a room full of experienced investors, a slower, more simplistic delivery might be suited to a first-home buyer. As such, it is important to think about your audience in advance and to cater your language and information to their particular interests and proficiency levels.


Try using these tips when you’re next presenting and remember – practice makes perfect.

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