The Value of Working in a Team

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

- Henry Ford

Real estate by its structure is naturally competitive.  In many agencies it is not as usual for agents to combine into groups larger than around two or three and engage in team work driven activities as it may be in other industries.  Due to this independent attitude, some agents keep to themselves and potentially miss out on the opportunities that such team work can afford.

Although many real estate agents enjoy the independent nature of their work, there is no doubt that working within a team can often prove advantageous to both the agents themselves as well as the agency as a whole.  The efficiency of the real estate cycle - attracting listings, and constantly marketing and selling properties - can be improved when aspects of teamwork are encouraged and employed.  

Through teamwork, experienced real estate agents can more often than not lend a hand to new agents with little experience or none.  Such mentoring relationships allow for the development of proficient, experience-based skills, in many cases resulting in better real estate agents and closer, more productive relationships. 

Working as a team, some mentor relationships operate with the mentor handling contracts, marketing and the generation of new business, whilst the agent in training handles property viewings and learns the ins and outs of the real estate industry and how it works.   Such guidance is the cornerstone of team building and can be extremely productive. 

It must also be considered that real estate is a business that requires more than just sales and people skills.  There is a need for marketing, strategic planning, networking and negotiating – some people may be good at everything, while others could find that their strengths lie in particular areas.  This is another opportunity for teams to come into their own – with agents who have different skill sets joining together to achieve the most productive outcome.   

In real estate, teambuilding is often proven to be a successful model as it encourages individuals to work together on listings to help satisfy the customer.  If one agent can complement another’s success in a particular neighbourhood or offer a skill, a viable option may be for the agents to couple their sales experience and share listings and commissions.  Whilst there will always be agents who feel they may work better as a single unit, other agents who choose to work in teams may realise great success. 

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