Tips for a better memory at work

To put it simply, memory is the mental activity of remembering information that you have experienced or learned.  With the need to remember a vast amount of finer details, such as those regarding properties and clients, as part of your job description, being a real estate agent challenges you to strengthen your memory.

We all know that the buying or selling of a home can be both a sensitive and exciting period in a person’s life.  As a real estate agent, it is often the case that the better your relationship with your seller and prospective buyer, the easier it may be to achieve a successful outcome.  A good way to establish and develop such relationships is to be attentive to detail, always remembering the finer points of your client’s situation. 

Thankfully nowadays we have mobile phones and tablet devices which enable us to easily record and have access to information on the run.  But there are often times when a name or fact needs to be recalled quickly, leaving no time for it to be looked up. 

If you can manage to find a little extra time in your day to exercise your mind, improving your memory retention and retrieval capacity, you might just be surprised with how handy these enhanced skills could be when interacting with your clients.   Not only may you find yourself impressing your clients and making them feel well looked after, an improved memory can also help to reduce the levels of energy you expend each day.

Our brains are considered to be more complex than even the most advanced machines.  Thus, improving the human memory can take some effort.  However simple exercises over an extended period of time are sometimes all it can take for you to stimulate your brain’s function, which may result in significant improvements to your daily routine and make life a lot easier.   

Several basic tips to improve your memory include:
- Paying attention – you can’t expect to remember information that you never learned
- Repetition is key – review what you have learnt the same day you learn it and at intervals thereafter
- Relate information to what you already know –build on your previous knowledge
- Organise your information – write things down neatly; use both words and pictures to help stimulate the visual side of your brain
- Colour code and read out loud what you want to remember
- Memory by association – associate information you want to learn with visual images, people or words.

Whilst these are all simple techniques to help assist your memory, it is also worth noting that healthy habits can often improve the mind’s function.  Increasing oxygen to your brain though simple exercise, having good sleeping patterns and managing stress are some examples of how to complement the suggested tips above.

Excelling in what you do may mean you need to improve your memory and knowledge on different neighbourhoods, client requirements or even simple office tasks.  Donating a few minutes from your day to build your mind’s capacity may prove to be an invaluable exercise.

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