Tips for dealing with customer complaints

As a real estate agent, you will likely have to deal with unhappy clients at one point or another in your career – sometimes for reasons within your control, sometimes for reasons that aren’t. Whatever the case, the reality remains the same – if you want to successfully foster long-lasting client relationships and maximise your business potential, you have to know how to effectively deal with complaints.


Here are five quick tips to help you deal effectively and efficiently with client complaints: 


1.       Respond quickly: when a client is angry, the worst thing that you can do is give their anger further time to escalate; the longer you leave it to contact them or implement a resolution, the more likely it is that they will conclude you don’t care about their issue. If – however, you contact clients quickly and display a willingness to solve their problems, you’ll likely find that many of them forgive mistakes and stick around;

2.       Always let clients speak first: when communicating with an unhappy client, it is always best to first gain a full understanding of their perceived problem; this can only be done if you allow them to speak first. In addition, it is always wise to maintain eye contact (if in person) and refrain from speaking until the client has finished explaining their issues; this will demonstrate that you value their feedback and are engaged with their concerns;

3.       Always apologise: apologising to the client, whether you are responsible or not, communicates an important level of empathy and appreciation for their concerns. This often works to diffuse the client’s anger and re-establish a level of rapport, both of which are necessary elements of working effectively towards a resolution;

4.       Explain and update: this is your main chance to give the client a reason to continue their relationship with you. As such, you should attempt to detail the various processes that will be involved in resolving their issue, as well as the likely outcomes attached to such (this is an important part of managing their expectations). From then on, you should ensure that the client is given regular updates until their issue is resolved;

5.       Learn from the experience: once the complaint has been dealt with, take some time to reflect on how you handled the process and the lessons that you can draw from such. Very few – if any real estate agents enjoy dealing with client complaints; nevertheless, if you can effectively manage the resolution process and learn from these experience, customer complaints can be one of the greatest catalysts for improving your owns skills and services. 

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