Tips for improving performance over the 2013/14 financial year

As the year goes on, enthusiasm for work can begin to waver, particularly if you haven’t had any breaks or holidays for a while. However, the beginning of a new financial year can provide a timely opportunity to take stock at work and recalibrate for the fiscal year ahead. To this end, we have prepared three simple tips to help you maximise your job performance over the 2013/14 financial year. 

1. Stay positive: as with many situations in life, you may be made responsible for tasks and projects that aren’t entirely aligned with your wants or interests. However, by focusing on the potential positives and benefits associated with these types of tasks, you can increase your chances of maintaining a positive attitude and performing your job proficiently at all times – regardless of what you’re tasked to do; 

2. Maintain your client relationships: in the digital age, it’s easy to rely on emails and phone calls to communicate with clients. However, it is important not to disregard in-person contact altogether. Most clients appreciate it when you make an effort to see them, so book in a quick coffee or casual lunch to make sure that your clients know they are valued;

3. Re-charge your batteries: many professionals find themselves without sufficient opportunities to take part in hobbies that they enjoy, such as reading books or playing sport. A proper work-life balance is, however, an important component for personal well-being and strong workplace performance. As such, it important to make time at different points throughout the work week to engage in activities which bring relaxation and rejuvenation to your life.

Try these tips out and see if they make any difference to your performance at work in the current financial year. 

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