Tips for networking success

Most real estate agents will likely be faced with networking opportunities on a daily basis. Networking can be an invaluable tool for business development and prospecting. As such, savvy agents will aim to recognise and capitalise on each networking opportunity that comes before them. 

Here are four key professional networking tips to keep front of mind: 

1) Face to face contact: official networking events may allow those in attendance to benefit from the lasting impressions that face-to-face interactions can bring. In many of these situations, you will be making a first impression and, as such, it is important to tailor your personal presentation accordingly. A lasting impression can be a great asset, or a professional setback, so it’s important to make a positive impact up-front; 

2) Embrace the ‘anywhere, anytime’ approach: it is important to recognise that networking opportunities can be unexpected and unpredictable. As such, you should always aim to have, on hand, the tools necessary for effective networking. This includes your business cards, mobile phone, a pen and notepad;  

3) Exchanging business cards: leaving your business card with a new contact can serve as a tangible reminder of your networking encounter and contact details. A proactive agent will keep a database of contacts and update it every time they receive a new business card; this will ensure that they don’t lose important contacts details and business prospects; 

4) Follow up: you’ve planted the seed to build a strong contact by appearing well-presented, knowledgeable and exchanging business cards. If your new contact subsequently requests information from you, the best course of action is to respond promptly and personally – even if you don’t have the information requested directly at hand. 

Creating new relationships is central to development within the business world. As an agent, you should utilise every networking opportunity you’re faced with. Through growing your network of professional contacts you will likely see your listing portfolio grow as well.   

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