Tips on Reducing Petrol Consumption

As a real estate agent, spending a lot of time driving from property to property often consumes a large amount of your time and resources.  Petrol can therefore become a significant expense for any real estate business.   

Requiring only a small amount of effort, the following suggestions are aimed at helping you as an agent, or as a business owner, reduce your daily petrol consumption. 

1.    Plan Ahead
Avoid known trouble spots or active road works when driving to your destination.
Tip:  Listen to traffic reports to help arrange your route accordingly.

2.    Do not speed
Your car is most efficient when you reach the highest gear at the lowest speed.
Tip: Wherever possible use cruise control to maintain a constant speed.

3.    Reduce use of air conditioning
The constant use of climate controlled air conditioning will lead to excess fuel consumption
Tip: Use air conditioning only where necessary, otherwise revert to opening windows for cool air, or dress warmly.

4.     Service your car
Regular maintenance is extremely important in keeping your car fuel efficient.
Tip: Plan ahead by writing services into your yearly calendar. 

5.    Use the correct gear
Choosing the right gear will help reduce fuel consumption
Tip: Aim to change gears as soon as possible to reach a high gear. Automatic transmissions will change gears quicker if you ease on acceleration.

6.    Check tyre pressure
Under-inflated tyres increase petrol consumption whilst reducing the tyres life.
Tip: Check tyres monthly to ensure tyres are properly inflated and aligned as per directions in your car’s manual.

7.    Do not rev engine unnecessarily
Revving pointlessly, or accelerating quickly uses a lot of petrol.
Tip: Gliding towards red lights or stop signs will reduce draining the engine.

8.    Minimise drag
The more aerodynamic your car, the less petrol it consumes.
Tip: Remove heavy items from the boot, and keep windows closed when travelling at high speeds.

9.    When possible turn off your engine
If safe, when stuck idle in traffic, turn off your car’s engine.
Tip: Restarting your engine equates to ten seconds worth of idling.

10.    Replace air filter when dirty
Driving with a dirty or clogged air filter can increase your vehicle’s petrol consumption.
Tip: It will take less than ten minutes to change your air filter. Seek assistance if required.

Now that you are aware of some simple tips to help reduce your petrol consumption whilst maximising your vehicle’s mileage, driving to those house inspections should no longer be such a monetary drain on you and your company.  Moreover your new actions will be kinder to the environment, reducing your green house gas emissions and contribution to global warming.

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