Tips to improve your communication skills

An important feature of a career in real estate is communication. This occurs across a broad range of mediums including written communication, phone calls, and communication in person.  There is no doubt that meeting someone and having a conversation in person is a great way to communicate, and that real estate agents have ample opportunities to do this. But it’s important to keep on sharpening your skills, no matter how much practice you have had at something. Below are three tips to help improve your communication.

1. Plan your conversation before it happens

It can be useful to determine what is it you want to accomplish with the conversation before you actually have the conversation. This can almost be thought of as setting goals and making an action plan for communication. Set your communication goal, and write down a way to accomplish that goal. Doing this may help you to stay focused during a conversation, and to not be distracted by any tangents.

2. Move forward with the conversations you don’t want to have 

Sometimes it can be tempting to repeatedly delay having tricky or awkward conversations. One way to overcome this is to actually tackle all your difficult conversations as soon as possible by scheduling them to be one of the first things in your diary. You might find that this takes a weight of your mind and that it makes it easier to deal with issues as they occur.

3. Ask questions

Asking questions is a great ability to add to your list of communication skills. By asking questions, you can show that you are interested and involved in the conversation and your audience. It can also show that you are listening and that you place value in the conversation. If the other participant in the conversation feels that they are being heard and that they are important, you are more likely to achieve the goal that you set for the conversation.

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Michael wrote on 08/07/2017 3:21 AM

I have always had strong listening skills. However, I have recently discovered the importance of making people feel heard, which is quite different. I am working to develop my communication skills in order to effectively convey that I am willing to listen, able to clarify someone’s communication for them and for myself, and to respond in a way that indicates I have received the intended message.

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