Tweet your way to success

Across all industries, social media is quickly growing in importance as an essential tool for marketing and communications.  However for many people mastering the use of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (amongst other forms of social media) to connect with prospective clients and other businesses can be daunting. 

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent being connected via social media platforms and learning to ‘tweet’ could allow you to effectively converse with your clients and be constantly updated with industry information and the initiatives of others.  In addition, the real estate agents who can learn to use such marketing instruments proficiently will certainly be well positioned to work with many modern property buyers. 

Twitter as a marketing tool has huge potential – those selling agents not connected should be wary as you may be missing out.  The functionality of being able to ‘tweet’ information (and simultaneously receive the tweets of others) through a real-time feed that others can follow is an invaluable tool that allows you to disseminate vital information, such as that about new properties for sale or changes in viewing times, quickly and efficiently.

When using Twitter, it is important for agents to note that there may be certain guidelines as to how your CENTURY 21 franchise owner wishes the brand to be used and portrayed via social media platforms. Whether it is a franchise that tweets or you as an employee, it is important that your own online messages remain in accordance with the CENTURY 21 brand guidelines and the conduct codes of your own franchise office. 

As a marketing medium, Twitter gives real estate agents the ability to communicate and share information instantaneously and helpfully with others and has become an invaluable tool to many.  Intelligent agents would do well to study the advantages that Twitter can offer so as to determine whether using it could help to enhance their success. 

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