Understand what you excel at to maximise your competitive advantage

As much as we would like to be, unfortunately not everyone can be good at absolutely everything.  This applies across all industries, not just to real estate.  In order to succeed in your role it is important to identify where your natural strengths lie and how these can be maximised, as well as additional skills that you can acquire and develop.  


Everyone is born with a set of innate skills that if nurtured appropriately, will likely flourish and can be used to your benefit.  Savvy business people will take the time to identify what they are good at and use this to their competitive advantage – as a way to stand out in a professional capacity and to contribute to the companies in which they are involved. 


For example, many people are born communicators, naturally excel at sales, have an eye for design, or could be analytically minded.  Skills, and the possible combination of skills, are endless. 


As well as the advantages you are born with, throughout your career technological developments present opportunities to learn new skills.  A pertinent example for current times is the increasing importance of social media as a marketing tool.  Those in the real estate industry may find that developing an understanding and skill in utilising this process could enable them to stand out in the field.  


As well as understanding where you excel, it is just as important to note areas where you may not be as strong, and to identify how to improve in these areas or whether to work with someone who excels where you do not. 


It is human nature for many of us to have trouble admitting our failings or the fact that we are struggling with a task.  And in the competitive industry that is real estate, agents may fear that by admitting weakness they will miss out on opportunities. 


However, smart real estate practitioners should understand that it can actually be of immense benefit to admit when assistance is required.  Such disclosure will likely allow you to access the assistance of a fellow team member who has knowledge in the area, enabling you to work more productively on a difficult task than if you were to approach it alone. 


Working with someone who excels in areas you do not you can help you to open yourself to education and training in this deficiency, which will likely enable you to grow your skills and complete similar tasks more easily in the future. 


Having an honest and practical understanding of your personal skill set, including what you have achieved, how you have progressed, what you excel at and where you may be able to improve, is essential for real estate practitioners to develop and succeed.  In pursuing your natural talents, maintaining your education and knowing when to ask for help, you will likely be able to build a solid foundation for real estate success. 

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