Unlocking motivation

It would be great if every task a real estate agent undertook was exciting, interesting and compelling. However the reality is that every employee at any organisation will occasionally face a task they’d rather avoid, and it can be very easy to put off completing such tasks until the last minute.

Procrastination and a lack of motivation can result in rushed and sloppy work, however the key to overcoming a lack of motivation could be to follow the following simple steps:

Adopt a prevention focus

Having a “promotion focus” means playing “to win”; while having a “prevention focus” means playing “not to lose”. As it can often be difficult to see the reward in completing unenjoyable tasks, adopting a prevention focus may allow you to attack the task with purpose – even if that purpose is simply to avoid the negative repercussions of it not being completed.

Discover the circumstances which help you to focus

Often people will complain they can’t complete a task because of a lack of focus. While this can inhibit thought, it’s important to be able to unlock your secret to focus. For instance, some people are able to clear their head by going for a brisk walk around the block and getting some fresh air. It may be worthwhile experimenting with different approaches and consciously adopting the one that you feel works most effectively for you.

Remove distractions

If a task is being delayed due to distractions in your workplace, you may find it beneficial to step outside of the office for a period of concentrated effort. For example, you could achieve this by finding a quiet spot at a local cafe, or by heading home early one afternoon with your work.

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