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It seems like most businesses these days are thinking about the way that various social media mechanisms can be incorporated into their marketing strategies.  Whether they use them or not is a different story – smart companies understand that just like any other marketing strategy, social media needs to be evaluated in terms of its appropriateness to a business before it is implemented.

There is no doubt that social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs can be incredibly valuable marketing and networking tools for real estate agents.  However if you are going to take full advantage of social media, it is important to make sure your strategy is in line with the residential market in which you operate, as well as consistent with other pieces of your marketing collateral.   

CENTURY 21 Chairman and Owner, Charles Tarbey, recently appeared in the June edition of publication Real Estate Business, in an article entitled ‘Real Connections’, where he commented on the use of social media in real estate.  He expressed the concern that some agents failed to consider that social media may not be appropriate for the demographics of their target market and that they just used it because other agents were having such success with it. 

Charles commented that when implemented effectively, social media can allow agents to integrate themselves into the daily lives of their target audience, becoming a valued source of information regardless of whether people are looking to sell or buy. 

Such successful implementation requires that real estate agents ensure consistency between their marketing collateral and online social media presence.  According to Charles, internet users should come across your blog or Facebook page and be able to recognise who you are quickly.  He advises that this could mean agents need to spend some time designing the look and feel of their online social media to ensure that it is consistent with the rest of their marketing collateral. 

In the article, Charles names blogs as a powerful tool for real estate agents, and says that by regularly posting about interesting real estate issues of particular relevance to their locality, agents can position themselves as a valuable source of information.  According to Charles, this can ensure that people regularly return to the blog for updates, and that the agent will be front of mind when it is time for their readers to sell a property. 

Charles warns however, that time is a significant factor when it comes to all social medial – to maximise effectiveness your various platforms need to be monitored and comments and questions responded to. 

For real estate agents it is therefore important to consider how you will most effectively manage your social media tools before jumping in head first.  By ensuring a consistent message and the use of social media mechanisms that actually relate to your target demographic, you will be able to maximise the power of social media for both your personal success as a real estate agent, as well as that of your organisation.  

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