Why dressing professionally is vital to Selling Homes

‘The better the show, the more dough you make’ is a well recognised saying in sales.  While there are multiple factors that contribute to your success as a real estate agent, one essential element is how you dress at work and the image that you present to the world.

Poor personal hygiene and inappropriate attire can drastically impact buyers’ opinion of not only you and the company you represent, but also the value of the property in question. It is professional to make your client feel comfortable and the way you dress will impact this. 

Your image needs to correspond to your career aspirations. There is no excuse for dressing inappropriately or leaving your manners at home.  Being dressed for success does not happen by itself, you have to plan for it, budget and shop for it.  
Despite the weather some clothing items are a no go zone for real estate agents:

  • Sandals
  • Shorts
  • Hats
  • Stained clothes
  • Bad perspiration marks

Some simple solutions to help you choose the right outfit during varying weather conditions are possible. 

During a heat wave:
• Choose a garment made from breathable fabric. When it comes to staying cool natural fibres are your best bet.
• Avoid wearing dark black as dark colours absorb light and can make you feel the temperature more.

During a cold snap:
• Go for layers so you can remove or add clothing when stepping in and out of the cold.
• If needed, purchase a scarf to compliment your suit. 

Despite clothing not necessarily being high on the list of traditionally valued real estate principles, do not discount the notion that the way you dress will impact others’ perception of you and your skills as a real estate agent.  By acknowledging that dressing professionally can have an impact on your career and attiring yourself accordingly, you could enjoy increased success as an agent. 

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