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It is fact – Australians tend to put in more hours at work and take fewer annual leave days than those in most industrialised countries.  As a career driven Australian, this fact from The Economist may inspire you, however the reality is that as a working culture, Australians may be working harder and longer, but not smarter.

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent the concept of ‘working smarter’ means that you should achieve the same results using less time. Be aware that working more intelligently does not necessarily mean working less; instead you will learn to work with focus and intent. The elimination of yourself from distraction is key if you want to become an efficient restate agent.

With today’s instant messaging, emails and online disruptions readily available at any given time, it is difficult to find solitude during the working day to concentrate with intent on your tasks at hand.  Distraction and procrastination are the enemy of most agents as it is naturally easy to be led by either.

Despite the buzz around you and constant movement to and from the office, one helpful method of working smarter not harder is to distinguish the difference between being busy and being productive. When you are busy you could feel productive, but this may not be the case. It is results such as exchanging on contracts and meeting with clients that can help you move forward in your career, as opposed to the less relevant tasks you may be more tempted to check off your weekly to do list instead.

Whilst concentrating on achieving your high output tasks at work, you also need to learn how to work faster by identifying opportunities and knowing when to say no. Most agents take on more than they can handle, causing stress and discomfort. Unfortunately in these situations learning how to multitask is not necessarily the answer. Studies have shown that more time is spent switching from task to task when multitasking and that it is difficult to effectively progress forward on any one task properly.  The simple answer here is to say no when appropriate, taking on an 80/20 principle and eliminating yourself from further distraction.

Happiness can be achieved when productivity enables a higher quality of life, not frantic over-achievement. If you can learn to eliminate distraction at work and only accept an ambitious yet suitable workload for your job title, you will be able to face a long list of tasks without procrastination.

Learning to work smarter as a real estate agent will help you to significantly increase your output, giving you back some time to spend with family and friends and improving your life-work balance. 

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